Lemon Haze


Strain Name: Lemon Haze
Grade: A++
Type: Sativa
Looks: Super light green, covered in orange hairs and trichomes with hints of purple leaves
Smell: Super skunky mixed with a sour smell
Taste: Sour when smoked out of a bong or joint. Very good long lasting taste
Effects: Super long cerebral high comes on in a matter of minutes after the first toke. It feels very uplifting.
Potency: 10/10 Very very strong cerebral head high

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Lemon Haze is far from being a “lemon” – it is a high-quality and extremely potent cannabis variety, able to blow a noob out of the water! Looking at her ancestors you see why … the combined forces of Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze are a surefire guarantee for a high not to be underestimated. The name Amnesia Haze should be a warning for every novice to approach this powerhouse of a strain with caution.

Haze strains usually grow pretty tall, but Lemon Haze restrains itself as regards height, reaching only 80-140cm when reared in the grow room. Even outdoors she stays below the 2m mark, with 130-170cm being the average height. Another aspect is the flowering time, which, with only 8-9 weeks in length, is rather modest for a Haze variety. When grown outdoors, Lemon Haze will reach its full maturity around mid-October. The lower height and shorter flowering time are both attributable to the Indica influence, which accounts for 40% of the genetics.

Both height and flowering time may be decreased, but the yield surely not. In an indoor grow you will be able to rake in 425-475g/m² – outdoors the loot will total 450-500 grams per plant. As regards potency, don’t expect Lemon Haze to be modest – with 21% THC in the dried end product she plays in the Champions League!

The buds of Lemon Haze emanate a strong, yet enticing and fresh scent of lemon peel, intertwined with the earthy tones of Skunk. When smoked, a taste of lemon-flavored candy floods the taste buds. The initial period of the induced high is of the kind you would expect from a Sativa, energizing, inspiring, motivating, optimistic, euphoric and psychedelic, subsided by a relaxed feeling of well-being after roughly 2-3 hours.


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