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Marijuana concentrates are the end product of the extraction of oils from the cannabis plant. They’re highly potent, refined products known by many names, including wax, shatter, butter, resin, and others. Concentrates can be inhaled by “dabbing” or vaporized using a specially designed pipe. Vaping is becoming more popular for its ease of use and discreet appearance. There are vaporizer units that can be loaded with concentrate and cartridges filled with oil that can be used with a suitable battery. The Massroots team can teach you what a dab is and how to take one here.

sorry we do not offer sample products any more, because of the covid situation ,supply and cultivation of weed and reduce while demand has increase. so you can go in for our minimum order quantity 

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That depends on many factors, such as how often you imbibe cannabis and when you last consumed it.

In urine tests, weed typically stays detectable for around 8 days after a single use, or longer if you use it more frequently.

In saliva tests, weed typically stays detectable for around 24 hours after a single use, or longer if you are a heavier user.

First step: Don’t panic; you’re going to be just fine. Start by drinking plenty of non-alcoholic liquids. Try taking a walk in a quiet park or nearby neighborhood. Warm showers are often comforting when you’re a little bit too high.

And believe it or not, the taste or even the aroma of black pepper helps counteract too much THC. Go find the nearest peppermill!

The simple answer is: Yes! In addition to being recreationally enjoyable, cannabis is a powerful medicine used to treat many different conditions.

However, there are risks involved: Smoking anything—particularly tobacco—introduces potentially carcinogenic compounds and particulates into the lungs.

And cannabis, like any drug, can be habit-forming. Some 9% of regular users develop dependence patterns. If you feel that cannabis affects your personal relationships, or that you find yourself being dishonest about your cannabis use, it’s a good time to pull over and assess your usage

The legality of buying weed generally depends on the laws and regulations of your area.

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